Services We Offer Our Services include free advice and estimates for supplies. Though we no longer build ponds or make on site consultations, we can provide factory personal for large liner installations. Simply ask when ordering.

Our reinforced Polyethylene liner is best suited for ponds of 20′ x 20′ or larger, or reservoirs.   In 2006 when we moved to Montana, we needed a small reservoir installed on our ranch.   Deer and elk visit our pond yearly and wade right in.  The large pond liners we chose at the time, was middle of the road in strength and yet has never had a problem.

We would have gone with the next grade up if we had cattle using it, or had harsh material to cover.  But our dirt was free of large sharp rock, so we didn’t even use any padding under the liner.

The liner manufacturer we use makes about 20 liner styles from light weight R-10 clear green house covers for as low as .27c per square foot.

The most popular HDPE 1500 R-24 as we used on our reservoir as low as .69c a square foot.

Next is the R-30 that is used when larger animals will be in the water more often, and or the bedding material is rougher, and sells for as low as .79c per square foot.

And finally the last most popular liner sold is our “nearly” bullet proof R-40 as low as .89c per square foot.  This would be a liner to use if bedding materials are rough and you will have large animals in it daily.  We also sell protective padding in case of large rock that can not be removed.

We will send samples and spec sheets on request!

Though we personally do not install ponds or reservoirs any longer, the company that makes our large pond liners can provide professional staff to install larger ponds and reservoirs.  So if you’d rather sit back and have a team or professionals do the work, call or email for details.  We can get you a quick estimate once you have the size and material picked out.

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fire protection ponds Many Montanan’s are realizing the advantage of a large body of water with a fire hydrant attached. Get in touch with us to find out more!

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About Montana Pond

About Us Our history and what we offer:

Starting in the early 90’s we opened Rainbows End Water Gardens, and constructed many ponds from small to large around the Northwest.  After semi-retiring and moving to Montana we now offer free advise and information on building ponds, and still provide delivery of large pond liners, and help with pump and filter needs on smaller systems.

After many years of selling 45 mil EPDM rubber liner, we now only offer top quality reinforced Polypropylene liners.  These large pond liners are much more affordable, lighter to ship, and to install, saving a great deal of time and money, and also providing a much longer life when cattle, deer,  and elk,  arrive for a swim.

Large Pond Liner Styles Our pond liner manufacturer makes 20 liner styles, with the most popular styles listed below.

R-16 Liner light weight reinforced polyethylene

$ 0.59 /sq ft.

This High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) liner is great for many uses, including ponds that have sandy soils with few to no rocks. This liner is also used to cover materials such as wood and hay stacks, and even under hay piles in barns as protection against ground moisture. Spec sheets and samples are available upon request.

R-24 Liner medium weight reinforced polyethylene

$ 0.69 /sq ft.

This High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) liner is what we used in our reservoir back in 2003 and offers excellent protection. The pond area was free of all rock, and we do get deer and elk in from time to time. Spec sheets and samples are available upon request.

R-30 Liner heavy weight reinforced polyethylene

$ 0.79 /sq ft.

This High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) liner is perfect for when covering a well groomed pond area, and larger animals will be in the water more often. Spec sheets and samples are available upon request.

R-40 Liner extra heavy weight reinforced polyethylene

$ 0.89 /sq ft.

This High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) liner is perfect for covering rough ground or when large animals are in the water daily, and offers “nearly” bullet proof toughness. Spec sheets and samples are available upon request.

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